Flying Eagle Cents

The cents are very rare gold coins, that feature a Flying Eagle design on the obverse. The coins were designed by James B. Longacre. They were a short lived series, with many varieties and modifications within the series, as only 1,500 of them were made.

1857 was a significant year for them, because that was the first year they were made a legal tender and released to the public. Due to this, Flying Eagle Cents from that year are easily worth (depending on coin's condition) over $3000 and are a favourite to many collectors.

The 1858 cent can be found in two varieties. The A, M letters in the word "AMERICA" are connected in the large letter variety and separated in the small letter variety.

Nowadays, they are also referred to as pattern coins. Some of these, are available for sale from private sellers, below:

1858 Flying Eagle Large Letters fine condtion
1858 Flying Eagle Large Letters fine  condtion
Price: $39.95 (0 Bids)
Sale Ends: 36m
Price: $11.27 (0 Bids)
Sale Ends: 43m
1857 US Mint Flying Eagle One Cent Penny Coin
1857 US Mint Flying Eagle One Cent Penny Coin
Price: $39.99 (0 Bids)
Sale Ends: 45m
1857 1C Flying Eagle Cent
1857 1C Flying Eagle Cent
Price: $11.00 (0 Bids)
Sale Ends: 48m
1858 Flying Eagle Penny
1858 Flying Eagle Penny
Price: $9.99 (0 Bids)
Sale Ends: 1h 3m
1858 Flying Eagle One Cent *Z04
1858 Flying Eagle One Cent *Z04
Price: $64.76 (0 Bids)
Sale Ends: 1h 7m

About Flying Eagle Cents

The flying eagle cents were launched by the US mint in the year 1856. This cent was an unusually smaller cent compared to the previous larger cent coins. At the beginning of its launch people warmed to it as it was lighter than previous ones and also had a diameter of 19 millimeters. The flying eagle cent was designed by James.B.Longacre who made a different design replacing the old liberty statue which appeared in almost all coins and substituted it with a flying eagle image on the obverse side. On the reverse side it had the letters of one cent surrounded by a wreath.

On the other hand, some people criticised these coins. The coin was made of 88% copper and 12% nickel and due to this the coins looked whiter than usual cent coins. They were also known as the white cents due to this. The new design of the flying eagle and that of the wreath in the reverse side of the coin did not match with the expectation of people and hence the coins were stopped being minted from the US mints.

In the year 1856, to get approval and to encourage senators and congress to buy these coins, approximately about 800 flying eagle coins were minted. After getting their approval the coins were auctioned for nearly $2 each. But soon after the release, due to lack of public interest, the price soared to 25 cents.

Due to its rarity the collector’s value for the flying eagle cents has increased. At present its value is about $5000 and for good pieces which are in good shape sell for nearly $10000. There were three designs launched one during the earlier launch for the congress in the year 1856 and later on the small letter and big letter versions. If you need to distinguish these three look for the year for the 1856 model. In the large lettered model the A and M of America will be merged and in the small letter model the two letters can be seen as separate. Thus if you find a cent coin then you must get it to a curator and check for its value before selling it to someone.